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What if you could just forget about parking problems?

Let EXPERTS solve your parking problems!

Expert Parking Systems recognizes that each customer's problems are unique to a particular project and that a solution found for other projects is unlikely to be the correct solution for the current project. Expert Parking will evaluate each project on its individual merits and provide an innovative solution according to the customer's needs and wishes. Apart from being a parking equipment manufacturing company, our strength lies in providing need based parking solutions by working on each project from concept to completion.

Van Stokes Sr. is the principal visionary behind the STOKES GROUP. Van Sr. is a former Aerospace Engineer who worked for NASA at Cape Canaveral on the Saturn/Apollo program and who was later a consultant to NATO on the F‐111 and F‐16 fighter planes. Van Sr. was introduced to mechanical parking systems in 1971 when he was asked to repair a mechanical garage in South America. In 1984 he formed STOKES INDUSTRIES, a small engineering firm providing engineering services to the oil and automotive industries.

In 1985, while working with the country's largest manufacturer of above ground automotive service lifts, Grand Inc., Van Sr. developed and patented the first economical three‐level hydraulic parking lift. As a result, Car Stacker, Inc. was formed and hundreds of these lifts have been produced. Most are still in use today. In 1989, Van Sr. formed Car‐O‐Sell, Inc., a sister company that designed and built tension chain rotary parking garages, which were exported to Europe and South America.

In 1994, the Korean government commissioned Van Sr. to help them find the best ways to park cars in the major cities of Korea and where to put the parking facilities, as well as defining which types of facilities to use. Once this phase was concluded Van Sr. worked with the selected manufacturers to teach them how to manufacture the equipment needed for the facilities. It was during this time that Van Sr. wrote the article named "Renaissance in Parking" for Parking Magazine.

During this time, Van Sr. also designed the Vertical Shuttle, a cost‐effective direct lift parking system that uses a simple hydraulic and cable lift system instead of expensive elevator drive components, resulting in an 80% reduction in drive costs, while increasing speed and reliability.

During the 1990s, Van Sr. designed many types of mechanical parking systems including two‐high, three‐high, and four‐high hydraulically operated car lifts. These include four post types, cantilevered types, and no‐post types, automated garages, tower systems, as well as automated underground systems. These products are presently being sold to customers worldwide. In 1997, Van Sr. designed the first mechanically operated, automated garage to be approved for installation in New York City in 40 years.

For the past twenty-five years Van Sr. has provided innovative solutions for parking systems and automated garages throughout the world. List of customers ranges from large government agencies to small parking lot operators. Some of his customers include: General Motors, Chrysler, Saab, Toyota, Volvo, Central Parking Corp., Colonial Parking Corp., Crown Parking, Edison Parking, Imperial Parking, Carnegie Hall Corp. Manhattan, New York, Mount Sinai Hospital, Halliburton, The Korean Government, the city of Moscow and many others to numerous to mention.

Van Sr. has also designed equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, construction industry, transportation industries, as well as for large corporations such as Chrysler, General Motors and Ford. Van Sr. holds various patents for parking systems; he has had articles published in leading engineering and architectural publications such as: Architecture, Design Dialogues, and The Foundation for Architecture, Civil Engineering, Engineering News Record, Parking, Parking Professional and Parking Technology. An example of which is the article "Mechanical Garages, Past, Present, Future"

Copies of the above mentioned articles can be made available on request.

Mr. Van Stokes Sr. has designed and patented

  • The first practical multi‐story, hydraulically operated, mechanical parking lift
  • Anti-fall systems for parking lifts
  • Ultrahigh density mechanical garage system